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Properties of Palladium

Palladium is ductile (can be stretched) and malleable (can be compressed).
It is very resistant to corrosion in air.
It has an ability to absorb a large amount of hydrogen, up to 900 times its own weight.

Uses of Palladium

Palladium is primarily used in catalytic converters for vehicles, converting up to 90% of harmful gases in vehicle exhaust into harmless substances such as water vapor.
It is also used in jewelry (e.g., for alloying with pure gold to form white gold), dentistry (e.g., for fillings), watch making, surgical instruments, electrical contacts, ceramic capacitors, as well as other uses.

Palladium ASTM Specification

Surepure Chemetals sells pure palladium covered by the ASTM B589 specification for refined palladium and by the ASTM B683 specification for pure palladium electrical contact material.

Harmonized System Export Codes for Palladium

The HS code for semi-manufactured palladium (including wire and sheet) is 7110.29.00.00.
The HS code for palladium powder is 7110.21.00.00.
The HS code for palladium-based chemicals is 2843.90.00.00.

Surepure Chemetals sell palladium in several forms:

Buy Palladium Wire and Rod

picture of palladium wire 0.008 inch diameter
Palladium wire
0.008" diameter
picture of palladium wire 0.020 inch diameter
Palladium wire
0.020" diameter

Standard diameters range from 0.004" to 0.257".
We use the term "wire" for smaller diameters that are supplied on a spool or as a coil.
We use the term "rod" when the diameter is large enough that it can be supplied as a straight length.

Buy Palladium Foil, Sheet, Ribbon, and Strip

picture of palladium strip
Palladium strip
0.004" thick x 1.50" wide x coil
on a cardboard core

Standard thicknesses range from 0.002" to 0.128".
We use the terms "foil" and "sheet" for shorter cut pieces (usually up to 12" long) that are usually supplied flat.
"Foil" is very thin;
"Sheet" is a little thicker and is thus a little stronger and bends less.
We use the terms "strip" and "ribbon" for longer pieces that are usually supplied on a spool or a cylindrical core.
"Ribbon" is somewhat narrow (usually less than an inch wide);
"Strip" is wider.

Buy Palladium Sputtering Targets, Discs, and Circles

Standard thicknesses range from 0.004" to 0.128".
Standard diameters range from 0.188" to 2.5".
16 to 30 gauge "Target," "disc," and "circle" all refer to metal that is flat and round, like a coin.
They are sometimes used as sputtering targets for physical vapor deposition (PVD).

Buy Palladium Chemicals and Palladium Powder and Grain

picture of Palladium(II) chloride
Palladium-based chemical
(Palladium(II) chloride)
picture of Palladium(II) oxide
Palladium-based chemical
(Palladium(II) oxide)

We supply pure palladium powder and grain as well as palladium-based chemicals.
We use the term "powder" for smaller grain sizes, and
we use the term "grain" for larger grain sizes.
Some palladium-based chemicals available are Palladium(II) chloride, Palladium(II) oxide, Palladium(II) oxide hydrate, Palladium(II) sulfate dihydrate, and Tetraamminepalladium(II) Nitrate.

Buy Palladium Square Wire and Flat Wire

Surepure Chemetals can supply made-to-order palladium square wire and flat wire.
Lead time is usually about 1 week.

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