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Properties and Uses of Gold

Gold is very ductile (can be stretched) and malleable (can be compressed). As such, gold wire can be drawn to very small diameters, and gold sheet can be made very thin.
Gold is resistant to corrosion. It conducts electricity well and so is used heavily in electronics.
Gold has catalytic properties, meaning it can speed up chemical reactions without being used up; this makes gold useful for catalytic converters.
Since gold does not corrode and rarely reacts with the human body, it can be used for dentistry and medical implants.

Gold ASTM Specifications

Surepure Chemetals sells pure gold covered by the ASTM B562 specification for refined gold and by the ASTM F72 specification for gold bonding wire for semiconductor device electrical connections.

Harmonized System Export Codes for Gold

The HS code for gold sheet is 7108.13.55.00.
The HS code for gold wire is 7108.13.70.00.
The HS code for gold powder is 7108.11.00.00.
The HS code for gold-based chemicals is 2843.30.00.00.

Surepure Chemetals sells gold in several forms:

Buy Gold Wire and Rod

picture of small diameter gold wire on a spool
Gold wire 0.001" diameter
(smaller than a hair) on a spool
picture of larger diameter gold wire (.032) in a coil
Gold wire 0.032" diameter
in a coil

Standard diameters range from 0.0005" to 0.250".
Standard purity is 99.99% pure gold (4N pure).
Higher purities and other diameters are available by request.
Although 24 karat gold is our standard purity, we can also make-to-order white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.
We use the term "wire" for smaller diameters that are supplied on a spool or as a coil.
We use the term "rod" when the diameter is large enough that it can be supplied as a straight length.

Buy Gold Foil, Sheet, Plate, Strip, and Ribbon

picture of thin gold foil
Gold foil
0.0005" thick x 4" x 4"
picture of gold strip on a core
Gold strip
0.003" thick x 3" wide
picture of gold ribbon on a spool
Gold ribbon
0.002" thick x 0.102" wide

Standard thicknesses range from 0.0005" to 0.250".
Available widths depend on the thickness.
We use the terms "foil," "sheet," and "plate" for shorter cut pieces (usually up to 12" long) that are usually supplied flat.
"Foil" is very thin;
"Sheet" is a little thicker and is thus a little stronger and bends less;
"Plate" is even thicker and is barely pliable.
We use the terms "strip" and "ribbon" for longer pieces that are usually supplied on a spool or a cylindrical core.
"Ribbon" is somewhat narrow (usually less than an inch wide);
"Strip" is wider.

Buy Gold Target, Disc, and Circles

picture of gold circle
Gold target
0.032" thick x 2.0" diameter

Standard thicknesses range from 0.004" to 0.125".
Standard diameters range from 0.188" to 2.0".
"Target," "disc," and "circle" all refer to metal that is flat and round, like a coin.
They are sometimes used as sputtering targets for physical vapor deposition (PVD).

Buy Gold Evaporation Slugs

"Gold evaporation slugs", also known as "gold vapor deposition slugs", are short cylinders of gold (like half a AAA battery).
They are often used as gold vapor deposition slugs for physical vapor deposition (PVD).
PVD for evaporation slugs involves heating the slug so that the gold vaporizes, transfers in a vacuum or partial vacuum to the substrate (the object that will be coated), and then condenses to form a thin film on the surface.
Typical slug sizes are 1/4" diameter x 1/4" long and 3/8" diameter x 3/8" long.
Surepure Chemetals can supply made-to-order gold slugs.
Lead time is 2 - 6 weeks.

Buy Gold Chemicals and Gold Powder

picture of gold granules
Pure gold granules
-5 mesh +18 mesh
(smaller than 4 mm,
larger than 1 mm)
picture of gold powder
Pure gold powder
-45 mesh +325 mesh
(smaller than 0.354 mm,
larger than 0.044 mm)
picture of gold-based chemical
Gold-based chemical

We supply pure gold powder and granules.
We use the term "powder" for smaller grain sizes, and
we use the term "granules" for larger grain sizes.
Pure gold granules are sometimes called "gold casting grain".
We also supply gold-based chemicals.

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