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Coin Silver is an alloy nominally consisting of 90% silver and 10% copper.
Pure silver is too soft to be used for some applications. Coin silver maintains some of the look and ductility of pure silver while adding the hardness necessary for certain applications, such as machined screws.

ASTM and Military Specifications for Coin Silver

Surepure's coin silver meets the ASTM B617 specification (for Coin Silver Electrical Contact Alloy) as well as the MIL-S-13282B Grade C specification.

Harmonized System Export Code for Coin Silver

The HS code for semi-manufactured coin silver (including rod and sheet) is 7106.92.50.00.

Surepure Chemetals sells coin silver in several forms:

Buy Coin Silver Rod

picture of coin silver rod 0.125 inch diameter
Coin silver rod
0.125 inch diameter
picture of coin silver rod 0.250 inch diameter
Coin silver rod
0.250 inch diameter
picture of coin silver rod 1.00 inch diameter
Coin silver rod
1.00 inch diameter

Surepure Chemetals is a leading provider of stocked coin silver rods as well as pure silver rods.
We stock many diameters and can often ship the same day you order.
Our coin silver rods are typically hard temper straight lengths and are "screw machine straight."
We offer a range of diameters. Please contact us if you're looking for a diameter not listed on our website.

Buy Coin Silver Sheet, Strip, or Plate

picture of coin silver sheet
Coin silver sheet
0.015" x 3.00" x 12.00"
picture of coin silver strip on core
Coin silver strip
0.002" x 3.00" x coil

Standard thicknesses range from 0.003" to 0.250".
We use the terms "sheet" and "plate" for shorter cut pieces (usually up to 12" long) that are usually supplied flat.
We use the term "strip" for longer pieces that are usually supplied on a cylindrical cardboard core.

Buy Coin Silver Tubing

picture of coin silver tube
Coin silver tube

Surepure Chemetals can supply made-to-order coin silver tubes.
Lead time is usually about 3 weeks.

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